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We invite you to the Street Art Archives, which records the era of street art that hadn’t even arrive yet.

Open Call_for Covid-19

[Open Call_for Covid-19] is a new project of Seoul Street Arts Festival aimed to approach the social and environmental issues surrounding the disaster of a pandemic.

About ProgramOpen Call_for Covid-19 Street Theater

Street art in the ‘non-contact era’ is contradictory. In the new era of disconnection and isolation, in what form and value can street art, that used to be centered around public spaces and in close contact with audience, exist? In the empty space of a festival, we try to look back at the status of current street art and greet each other. Where are we and the street art located now? 

About Team

Established in 2020,'We Walk INTO' is a research group focusing on street art research, education, exchange, and policy proposal activities, and aims to create a place where street art producers, fans, and mediators can communicate and share ideas smoothly.

We Walk INTO operates an online street art information platform (www.intostreetarts.com) and seeks ways to share street art-related materials and research products more ‘in the style of street art’.



​·​ Cooperation: Duyoung Kim, Hyewon Shin, Chanmi Jung, Hyeshin Hwang