Looking into a city. Taking a look at the hidden city
where we have not experienced in everyday space!

10. 6. SUN  12:00 - 18:00  Sejong-daero


​We turn the faucet to get clean water and press the lever to wash away the dirt. Where does all this convenience come from?

Many of the pipes at our feet carry a lot for life, including tap water, dirty water, and gas. Imagine a hidden city that you may have taken for granted in your life without even realizing it.


In 'PIPE CITY', various images
become montages, remembering the city we live in, and drawing the memory in our own way. This work will give us a special experience to rethink the city.


Space Design_ Eunhye Park

Design Asst._ Jihee Son, Nakyoung Sin

Structure Design_ Kyuhyun Jung