PROSPERO STALKERTEATROProducing Program Experience

"Prospero" is an interactive urban performance with a striking visual and musical impact that bridges contemporary art and live performance.

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Date Time Place RunningTime Address MySchedule
09.30(Fri) 15:00 Seoul Plaza 40min.
  • 09.30(Fri)
10.01(Sat) 12:00 Seoul Plaza 40min.
  • 10.01(Sat)
10.02(Sun) 12:00 Seoul Plaza 40min.
  • 10.02(Sun)


Prospero is a participatory performance / installation that puts collaboration and community centre-stage."Prospero" is also the name of the famous protagonist of "The Tempest" by W. Shakespeare: an Italian name, with a significant resonance in international culture. In Shakespeare's play, Prospero is an exiled ruler who uses magic to restore his daughter to power, a creator of the imaginary, he who manages to shape his own and others' destiny thanks to magic: a "science" to study and learn about universe and the whole of humanity. Prospero is therefore a creator of his own history, like the artist who creates with his own imaginary, shaping and composing substances and materials.With Prospero we are very much interested in creating an “art space” where people can meet beyond any political, social and cultural conditioning. A space of relations where everyone can join in and become part of a creative community, shaping and composing his own destiny, as the protagonist of “The Tempest” did.


Concept: Gabriele Boccacini.

Production: Stalker Teatro

Original score and live music: Riccardo Ruggeri.

Performers: Sara Ghirlanda, Dario Prazzoli, Stefano Bosco, Elena Pisu

Tech director: Sancio Sangiorgi​